Why Toronto airport taxis are better than other forms of public transport?

An airport taxi provides a very convenient method of getting from the airport to any other destination. Normally, such taxis are better than public transport for a variety of reasons. For one, the fact that you are using a taxi means that you have full control over where you want to go. This is in contrast to public transport, which normally has fixed destination. Since you are getting to the exact location you want using an airport taxi, it means that you will get to your destination much faster, and more comfortably.

Another advantage of using a Toronto airport taxi is that you essentially have a very good guide at your disposal. Toronto airport taxi drivers usually have very good knowledge of the city, and can help you get to anywhere you want easily. This is especially convenient if you aren’t familiar with the city you are in. In public transport, however, you are basically on your own and have to find a way to wherever you are going through your own means. Apart from being hectic, this could result in you being late to getting to wherever you are going, as you are undoubtedly going to get lost a few times along the way.