Organizing Your Limo Journey Part Two

First of all the most important thing to do with any airport transportation is to make sure that you know where it is you are going and when and to make sure that you feel confident before you set off that you have all the relevant details. This means making sure that when you book your flight, you keep all of the information that you are sent. This will mean things like the confirmation e-mail and any tickets. These will have on them the times of your flight and the flight number and this will help you to make sure that your airport transportation gets you to and from the airport at the right times.

You then need to quote all of these details to your airport limo service. You also need to let them know how early you want to get to the airport. Usually there is a recommended check-in time of around three hours prior to the flight. At the same time if you leave extra time ahead then this will help you to ensure that you are going to get to the airport even should there be some traffic problems. This ‘buffer region’ of time will help to ensure that you have plenty of leeway either side and that you thus will not miss the flight.