Organizing Your Limo Journey Part Three

Bear in mind though that the actual last check in is also going to be a little before the actual flight itself takes off, so you need to make sure that you have left enough buffer time so that even if you end up getting stuck in traffic, you will still be able to make it for that time.

The best thing to do here when deciding what time to leave your home is to discuss with the airport limo service and ask them what they think is the best time to leave. Providing airport transportation is of course their profession and something they do on a daily basis. Thus they will know what a good time to leave is and how to make sure that they get you there ready for your flight and with plenty of time to check in. You just then ask for more time if you are a fan of the shops at airports or if you are particularly nervous about making it.

Make sure that you also have the gate number and terminal when you speak with your limo service. This is important because it will tell them just where to take you.