Organizing Your Limo Journey Part Six

Another thing to remember is to make sure that you tell the airport limo the right airport. This might seem very obvious, but this is in fact the very reason that many people forget to mention the airport when they talk to the airport taxi and sometimes it is easy to forget to look for your airport name and instead just assume it is the one you always fly from. Be sure to check this and you will avoid subsequent problems.

You will also need to get that flight number from your airline company. This is a number that represents the flight you are on and it can be used in order to track your plane and your flight. By looking at the flight number your airport limo service will be able to bring up all the relevant information they need to keep track of the flight.
This is useful first and foremost in the case that you might have given them incorrect or incomplete details. If you did say the wrong airport for instance or get the time wrong, then your airport limo service would be able to check online and notice this.