Organizing Your Limo Journey Part Eight

Delays or rescheduling will not derail your airport limo service.

That said it is still a good idea to keep an eye on the flight number yourself to look out for any changes. Should there be changes to your flight, then you should normally be informed by the airport limo service who will let you know that your flight times have changed and that you need to alter the time that you get there. Your airport limo service will be able to check this themselves and it is part of the service they provide to ensure that this does happen. However, accidents do happen and it doesn’t hurt to make sure that you also inform the limo service of any changes and double check that they have been informed.

Should you be contacted by your airline or holiday company then, be sure to ring up and let the airport limo service know that there have been changes and double check that they are up to date with all their information.