Get to know the efficient Markham airport transportation system!

If you are flying to Toronto city in Canada and wish to find a good limousine to take you to your place of residence, there should be no problems finding a suitable one at the airport. Actually, the Markham airport transportation system has more than 200 taxicabs and over 100 airport limousines that have been issued with special transportation permits to serve both incoming and outgoing passengers at the available Toronto’s airport. These special permits are issued with the intention of ensuring that the limos and the taxis have all met the required operating standards and that the passengers are charged fairly to and from their destinations. Mostly, they are charged at predetermined rates that are determined by the distances they wish to travel.

Markham airport transportation system is largely controlled by the Greater Toronto Airport Authority (GTAA). This agency is responsible for the regulation of the Canada’s busiest airport transportation systems. Such an airport as Toronto Pearson International Airport, one of the busiest Canadian airports handles approximately 30 million passengers annually. The Greater Toronto Airport Authority and the Toronto Licensing Commission issues the cabs and limousines with the required operations permits and licenses. These bodies ensure that the airport transportation system, for instance in Markham, runs efficiently and is free from problems.